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  • The Natasha Waistcoat is available in a limited run of new colorways - naturally hand dyed in London by Centre Half. Mila and Daisy used birch bark and cochineal to achieve the complimentary pinks of this piece - vibrant on one side, subtle on the other. The waistcoat is fully reversible and fastens with vintage shell buttons that I found at the carboot, which feature delicate floral engravings.


    Made from two layers of soft cotton jacquard, with an almost quilted feel to it, this is the perfect thing to layer over shirts and dresses as the weather gets warmer (or to wear as a vest on its own). It is totally unique; bound with hand-dyed cotton binding; and has pockets both inside and out. 


    10% of sales from this collaboration will be donated to TheMusicWorks - a charity based in Gloucestershire that uses music to inspire and empower young people in challenging circumstances. Their work ranges from mentoring, after-school clubs and private music sessions to giving young disabled people the chance to attend music school programmes. They make a huge difference to many young people’s lives and we’re proud to contribute a little to their mission.


    Photography of Katy J Pearson by Holly de Looze.